New to the 4th Edition

• Up-to-date content that incorporates recent references and resources from around the world to encourage more detailed discussions of concepts and activities on a broader spectrum. This includes adding to an extensive set of links to web paged materials from on the topics covered.

• Research-based assignments embedded within the book and connected to the student study site to help explain how previous students have used the relevant material discussed within their projects. This edition has broader types of student project examples, such as an Economics thesis, as well as full examples of student reports on the book’s webpage.

• Expanded content, such as the discussion of plagiarism, questionnaire design, Institutional Review Boards, ethical issues including topics on online research and technology, and coverage of the planning stages.

• A Student Resource / Instructor Teaching site at includes PowerPoint slides, guidance on using the end of chapter questions, videos, sample answers for the case questions, and teaching tips.

• A new integrated case study throughout the book on “High Performance Shoes” with supporting materials and data available at the author website.

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Polonsky and Waller 4th edition